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People Playground 8.19€

People Playground is a 2d sandbox game where you can mess with ragdolls. There's a lot to do and destroy in this game. For example, you can do human experiments, murder innocent pumpkins, build various machines, drive a car into a wall, detonate atomic bombs and more. You can do a lot of inhumane things. There are a lot of options in this game to do different things with. You can murder, poison, vaporize, burn, crush or, say, tear up different things. You can also improve your gaming experience with a variety of people-made mods and machines. You get tens or even hundreds of hours of fun in this game.

Noita 18.99€

Noita is a 2d action game where every pixel does something. In this game, you are a lone witch with a magic wand trying to survive in this world where every thing you can kill you in some way. You can find marvelous and new wands to help you stay alive. Your goal is to go deeper into different levels. There's going to be more and harder monsters on each and every level. You can try and try and try over and over again and you still wouldn't make it to the end. And in addition, if you die, you'll have to start over. Every death teaches you different things and makes you understand this game more. Each death also makes you want to throw your own computer out of the window (in a good way). So are you ready to take up this challenge?