A little break

Haven't done anything to this website in a while. I have been quite busy with school. I have done some gaming. There's not much to say because nothing special has happened. Well, this blog isn't a daily thing. Sometimes you do it. Sometimes you don't.


Some foresting

All right , everyone has a complete English site. Few errors have been corrected, most of which are spelling errors. I also went to the woods today to collect lingonberries and blueberries. A whole bucket of lingonberries came. There wasn't as much blueberry. But it's okay, at least I got out. I also saw some mushrooms. Not much else today, a bit of gaming, going to the woods and doing the site.


Status Update

So, today we are once again seeing the coding at full speed. The site is currently being translated into English and a lot of improvements are made. However, there is still a lot of work and problems to be fixed. The pictures have been adjusted for hours. Something was wrong with them and I had to fix them pixel at a time.


Making the site

Today i have started building this site like everyone else has. Efficiently this site gets better, new and new things are added all the time. Sometimes you play games it and sometimes you keep making the site. Everyone makes their own sections on the site and comes up with new things to do. I'll probably continue to build this site tomorrow.