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Stragedia peli (steam: 39,99€)

Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron Iv (Hoi4) has a strage game placed on the other world war, which will be played for long periods of time. During the summer holiday, I played with my friend a month for approximately Hoi4: I stay. The game shows all the states that existed on the other World War (and with a cicky can play with other states). The purpose of the game is ... Well find out / win war. Beginner should play in large states eg: Germany, Italy, Soviet Union. Myself has already a lot of games behind that playing small states also succeed in honor (Estonia and Danzig). The game you need to build factories, determine what factories manufacture, recruit the army, manage the policy, develop a focus tree, to explore technology, organize an army, building defense lines, designing attacks, to reeign the surrounding reverses, maintaining your ideology etc. I recommend to acquire the game either DLS: east or mods to make the game more fun.

I could briefly explain the best game of my memories! I played El Papelino (Germany) with Germany-Italy game. We were already in favor of the alliances, and we did not focus on the rest. Suddenly we noticed the Soviet border is quite empty. The Soviet Union had started the Winter War, but Finland had joined the Nordic alliance, which prevented the Soviet Union from power to Finland. At the same time, Japan's war in Asia against the Soviet Union. We saw our chances! We transferred large amounts of army to the Soviet border and join the war. We got a team of troops in the Nordic countries and the troops in Asia arrived only when we were a few provinces from Moscow. We kicked the Soviet Union with a loss of less than 20,000 men.

Straighted game (Steam: 19,99 €)

Age of Empires II 2013

Age of Empires II (AGE) is a brilliant four level-based stratedia game. Levels include dark, feudal, castle and imperial times (Dark, Feudal, Castle and Imperialage). When you advance for the era of forwards to open new buildings and updates to the weapons. The game is described from above and guide troops with the mouse. Myself is not right now in the middle of the time to play Age, so I can not remember this by writing just all fun aspects. The game has a wide range of startups that vary depending on the map, factor, players and game type. In normal start-ups is the main building, three villagers and an inquiry. At the beginning of the game, the villagers are mostly collecting food and wood (later gold and stone). Ruuklaskääs more villagers and wood constructs houses. Almost all peoples from one house gets +5 maximum population. When moving to the feudal length, there are other resources to collect the army. Soldiers are recruited from barracks that are four + one different. Swords and Sagittarius Harb. Horse and siege sets. In addition, in the castle, the castle can recruit special troops that vary between peoples. Players in AGE may be 1-8.

again telling about one of the most fun Age from my game! Played on a Viikings in my mate on the map. Players were 8 (four people and four bots). Alliance with the British (a man). He did not have any the best player now, but the same was on the road at that time. There was really a lot of water in the map and I hall them on my large fleet that made up largely on the longliness. As a great horror of my group of friends the two best Age players allied to with each other against me. My allies were exchanged by the side to be in the winners' side. This was followed by a large war in a three-hour war that happened in the waves. The way I walked so long was a brilliant defense tactics. I used to benefit from castles and boats. The island was at the edge of the map, so I guaranteed me could not attack. I built several castles around the coast and put on the fleet coast. In this case, the fire of the castles and ships united and invited all the ships before they had had to bear my ships. At the same time, I built as quickly as possible the Trepuja, which Assertin to the beach as it was possible. I knew their constructive cannons to destroy my castle but I got it blocked. Eventually, my enemies went bankrupt and I got a long taiositation of a winning ally, but I lost in the end to two other people. Thus, other players killed bots, I understand the same times when they fought against Mijnu. Even if you lost the game it was one of the best. Everyone had fun and exciting situations rite. Many times they managed to make a rise to the countries in Kimppuu, Mutt Asain's handled.

Straighted game (Steam: 14,99 €)

Kingdom New Lands

This was more than one week's favorite game. I played this day and night. In my room and the restroom ... or NO, I do not now, but you take an idea. Kingdom New Lands was the first relaxed straged game that I have played. In all the meals, I have constantly the pressures on. Not here. Collect money from workers, pay bumps, tax the poorest, Search for cheap labor, ways of strangely referenced dark dwarfs with a big big brother and strange birds. During the day I can be calmly in peace and hubs and mants, but at night, it should be back back behind the walls. The people you hired are ready to die for you, so you can be worried and sit in the middle of the village of drinking the tea of the transitals. Okay! Okay! Begin to talk seriously about this game! The game is based on the king of the king that is for a reason or one forced to the strange island with Oudo's homeless fabricated. Fortunately, he finds the village's ruins where you are drunish in the country for many of the year's salary. Why do you collect piles of piles, due to the good Christian values. Or then from the dwarfs that kill due to money. So you will play the king's role that rides on a horse ... or thus the rush can be replaced later, but though. Your goal is to fix a boat you can go to break it again on the next island and make the same project again here was mixedly explained by the idea of this game.

My experience ... I really have not played this game even until the end, even though you were very much. The truth was my desire to get involved in a sölkö pet dog I found under the tree. The bumper that the dog was unable to transfer that wood, but the small gold coin switched it easily. The dog barked in the direction from which the dwarfs would attack with the greatest power. I always got between a heart scene because of that dog. I liked the sounds to the fullest to hear the music of the game (bad headphones). And suddenly the dog started to bark.