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Change to install the machine

Encoding has been in a fierce pace today with all administrators. I actually made English version of my own pages. Of course, the problem is your own language pad that is not the world's bad end. Fortunately, it did not have to make the Swedish version of the Swedish language, because I can not almost at all Sweden.

My other own project is currently moving. I change about 8km from the end of the new apartment and moving to the calm manifest. My own room is half a smaller than my former room, but the amount of goods stayed in their mouths the same. A couple of cabinet went, but the break of the goods still quite well though a little bit tight. The hardest struggle is always tuning the machine, ie to put it into the game. The wires of the bundles are in the sense of a number of power stamps. Eventually I got a lot of outcome. The table has a very room for two mice and keyboards. Why two? Because I often use Akhta the machine at the same time. Before I used to be a dwelling, but in half years ago, I gave my second big brother from whom you broke up the screen. I started using the "second screen" laptop computer. I can say this was a year of hundred neronization. On the other plane I play and the other I can go suddenly checking for something without the burdensome of the game. For example, Hoi4: Leaves Historical When I play, I would like to sometimes inspect a more detailed date, but with my potato machine, the use of the browser could at its worst pour out Hoi4_. Later, the better parts of the machine were shaped to use the browser. Only the movement of troops stopped to be treated always. Modernize the gambler's playing and on the browser with a desktop. Sometimes also I look at the movie if, even though the lanitan night.