Yukimura's Blog!







Today i have tried my best, but my focus is bad! I try to get keen on focus! When i get back to home, i will clean my room and make some music (If i have time and interest on in then)



I listen to music and at the same time try to focus on schoolwork, it's hard to focus on anything with ADHD! I hope that I will soon be able to use the auxiliaries again, fortunately it will not take long. Then spend two hours of exercise.


School and Tetrio

And again, the HTML "Studying" continues I try to get these classes out of myself, because I'm sitting in vain typing on a computer and watching videos online.


Episode of boredom

At school, we are currently dealing with Python, which I myself am not terribly interested in. However, in the future we will be learning C sharp (C#) But it will take time. Oh yes! I wanted to let you know that I'm starting to make a new section called Develog! In The Develog, I will tell you how my game project has progressed. Today I'm picking up some old computer parts that I'm going to publish a video of to Youtube! (Finnish language only Sorry) so please be ready for future videos with new Computer project! Let's see if my prediction goes right, as today is August 25th, I think today will be the new phasmophobia update!


Quiet work

Today I am about to update the appearance of my Page section. The theme will remain purple, but the links will change color, because sometimes, when you read, then you will not notice the links, so clearly.



Indeed. I am studying ICT as an undergraduate degree. With this, I've learned more about everything about Word-style applications, as well as how to use Python. we've been making documents for the past week that aren't a nice job, but they're a must-learn too. at the same time, I'm waiting for a new update to Phasmophobia which adds a new map called:Sunny Meadows Mental Institution.And I'm really excited about it! I believe the update will come on 25.8. By the way, I just retranslated Blogs into English!


Gone again

The number of blogs has dropped quite a lot here. I'm sick again, so I can update something here to make my time pass.



I'm at school learning how to make a website even though I've been doing this for a year now! I get more motivation to make updates to the page! I have to look at what I can think of for the website.


Fu***ng He*l

It's nice to play Phasmophobia and terraria and get the message... Well it wasn't long before my steam account was hacked... I can't get inside the account. A hacker has threatened me with deleting my account if I don't pay 100 Euros into this account. A notification has been sent to Valve. let's hope it gets sorted out!



I'm listening to Tristan and El papelino Messing around on Discord. I guess i could be more activated here again if i can handle it...


Sore AGAIN?!?

I was in school for about 2 hours, but I eventually had to leave school because I was sick... Soon, by the way, there will be a holiday! I'm going on a trip, so I don't think there will be any Blogs from that time because I want to spend the holiday there with half the family



Today has been a tired day



I am currently in a café in Vaasa with my sister. My sister is in distance learning, that's how we came here. Personally, I edit the appearance of my page properly, but I don't know if anything will come of it.



I'm currently getting ready to sleep. Tomorrow you can go to school again... if you wake up on time. By the way, I'm in love with Windows Vista. I'm still working on vista right now, even though it's out of microsoft support. All I require from this laptop is storing pictures, browsing the internet a little, updating the website and doing small schoolwork. By the way, I have made 7 songs on the album which will be released 10. February. I'm about to buy a Computer and then there's a new section on the site called: GameBlog. In The Game Blog, I tell you how game making progresses



I have been exposed to the most disgusting virus in the world at school. Yes, during the school day, I have been exposed to the latest variant of corona. I did a home test for a while and luckily the result was negative. However, you need to monitor the situation if the test is positive.



I finally received my corona test result, which I had been waiting for for two days already. The result returned negative, which means that there is no need for a hasardy group to go for tests. I've now created music. more about it in the future. Take a look at what's to come. The Spotify link comes below my section. And on Monday i can go to relax in school, unless there is distance learning.


Time for activation!

A lot has happened here and I haven't had the energy to update here because of it. I'll try to reactivate. Around Christmas, I broke up and tried to get over it. I'm going to revamp my Manga/Anime review corner today. How many of you noticed that I have changed my Blog the other way around? Today, my oldest blog is at the bottom and the newest is at the top. Thanks Uriel for the suggestion! This is much better



Okay... My break was longer than I thought, but I was able to take care of my move. That is, I moved about 20 Km from my old home and needed all the time for it.


This is not the way it can go!

I was supposed to take a break today, but nothing came of it when I looked at Uriellen's Blog where there were TOO MANY typos that I corrected here a few minutes ago. So, today, when Uriellen gets out of school, so little to talk to him about typos "Kindly". Well yes I already yelled at him yesterday enough for his mistakes (as va joke) XD.


As sick you might not got energy to code!

The weekend is now over! I returned to school, but had to return home immediately after the first hour because of the Flu. I haven't managed to do anything more for this site... only at nine o'clock in the evening.


Now it goes on!

The clock is about half past one in the morning. I'm working on a page with Uriellen. Viikate - Kouvostoliitto's theme is playing in the background. Now It is about half past eight o'clock in the evening. Today I have made 2 new sections in the top ten. The next part is to translate everything the same into English so that everything is about ok against the release


New Language

Today has been another day of making a website. We've added an English version during the day so you can read our update in English.


Star of the journey

Coding has been running today to get our site up and running. The music is on, making my concentration better.