Welcome to the homepage of the Hasardian-Union!

We are a little nerd group that started making this kind of site just for for fun. Here you will find a lot of different information useful / useless. There are 2-4 active administrators. Depending on the motivation, of course, or whether the school is busy. Below you will find each administrator's own section with different sections.

Below are the admins om, at pages that contain several sections (recipes, snippets, blogs, pictures, etc.). At the top is the "List of all our sections" with all the sections. In this case, you don’t have to scroll through all the different factors to see who has the recipes. You can just look for things that interest you in the "Info Tracks" area, for example. Eg: Tallest buildings, Most populous states.

---A list of all our sections----

Uriellen's corner

El Papelino's Sofaroom

Yukimura's Reading corner

Tahvo's backstage

----Notice board----


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